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Acute Eczema (30 years old, Male)

Clinical Manifestations:

Two weeks previously, red papules has appeared on the patient’s abdomen. The lesions were itchy, especially at night. Scratching led to spreading of the lesions and exudation of yellow fluid. In some areas of the skin, the papules became confluent, forming large patches, with the lesions gradually extending to the lower back and trunk. Accompanying symptoms and signs included dry stools, yellow urine and dry mouth with no desired for drinks. Examination revealed small red papules distributed over pale red erythematous patches on the chest and back. Clusters of 1~2 mm papules were found on the lower abdomen and lower back interspersed with small vesicles. The tops of some of the papules had been broken by scratching; small amounts of exudates had oozed out and dried up to form crusts. Similar lesions were also noted on the buttocks. The tongue body was normal with a thin white coating; the pulse was deep, thready and slightly rapid

TCM Pattern Differentiation

Damp-Heat accumulation over a long period and transforming into Heat, with Heat predominating over Dampness.

TCM Treatment Principles

Clear Heat, cool the Blood and benefit the movement of Dampness

TCM Herbal Prescription

Long Dan Cao, Huang Qin, Zhi Zi, Sheng Di Huang, Chi Shao, Yin Chen Hao, Zi Cao, Bai Mao Gen, Gan Cao One bag a day was used to prepare a decoction, taken twice a day

Second Visit

After 21 days of the herbal decoction, lesions were gradually beginning to subside and the color of the papules was becoming paler. A few small red papules had appeared on the abdomen and groin. Wheal-like lesions were also occasionally evident.

Treatment Principle

Clear Heat, cool the Blood and benefit the movement of Dampness, nourish the blood and cool the Liver.

TCM Treatment Principles

Long Dan Cao, Huang Qin, Sheng Di Huang, Chi Shao, Dang Gui, Yin Chen Hao, Nu Zhen Zi, Han Lian Cao, Bai Ji Li, Gan Cao

Treatment Result

After another 15 days of the herbal decoction, the lesions had disappeared completely

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