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TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) was developed on the basis of clinical experiences of more than 2000 years of accumulation, and it still survives in this modern scientific environment. It is very effective for a wide scope of medical complications, many of which may be missed by modern medical practices, including illnesses and conditions for which there is still no cure or little hope of improvement.


TCM is not about treating disease, but about treating the body as a whole and allowing it to heal naturally. As such, TCM uses all natural ingredients that cause minimal or no side effects.


TCM utilizes two main methods of treatment: acupuncture and herbal medicine. With acupuncture, fine dry needles are inserted into specific meridian points on the body to achieve various medical effects. Modern science has found that acupuncture treatments cause a strong analgesic effect by stimulating PAG, RN, RF to secrete bio-chemicals like endogenous morphine, enkephalin and dynorphin which aid in healing. Also, stimulation from acupuncture releases Adenosine metabolites. The adenosine a1 receptor strongly mediates analgesic and anti-inflammatory action in the body. Many more modern scientific theories surrounding acupuncture do exist; however, the core concept is that “pain is all about stagnation. When everything flows smoothly and naturally in the body, there will be no pain.”


Traditional herbal medicine seeks to recover homeostasis, the normal physiology of the body and the body’s natural defense system. For example, when the body gets a viral infection; it causes symptoms like chills, fever, body aches and a stiff neck. Bio-waste from a stagnated immune reaction in the upper body causes the body aches and headaches due to increased pressure, which, in turn, slows down the healing process. But ancient medicine practitioners found that when the patient sweats, these symptoms are quickly relieved. Therefore, TCM practitioners prescribe herbal medicines that promote perspiration.


If the body is supported in such a way, it will heal much faster and in attunement with its own natural healing process.

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