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Cupping therapy is a safe and effective treatment for various health conditions

Cupping therapy is an ancient medical therapy, and the common denominator in all cupping variations is the application of suction to the skin. Several techniques from traditional cupping - where skin incisions are made to allow blood and other body fluids to escape - to dry Cupping and Cupping massage -where no such incisions are made – are available.

According to common theories the effects of Cupping may include increased microcirculation, tissue detoxification and a subsequent relief of painful muscle tension. Favourable effects of Cupping therapy have been found in patients with chronic pain conditions for example neck pain, low back pain, migraine and fibromyalgia syndrome.

And what the Research Says; “Cupping was reported as beneficial for perceptions of pain and disability, increased range of motion, and reductions in creatine kinase when compared to mostly untreated control groups.”

“Five Cupping treatments were more effective than usual care to improve pain intensity and quality of life in patients diagnosed with the fibromyalgia syndrome.”

“Dry Cupping of the abdominal wall, as a traditional manipulative therapy, can be as effective as standard laxative therapy in children with functional constipation.”

“There are promising effects in favor of using wet Cupping for improving health-related quality of life of patients with chronic conditions. Cupping is recommended as a complementary treatment modality for chronic medical conditions, especially pain.”

The main idea of the cupping therapy is the myofascial decompression which helps to release the nerve entrapment point (NEP). Every nerve has a specific job. That job may be to help a muscle move, transmit sensation back to your spinal cord and brain, or both. If a peripheral nerve becomes injured, compressed or trapped, it may prevent you from being able to do a particular function such as move your fingers or toes, or may cause pain in the distribution of that nerve. Cupping therapy can help to release those nerve entrapment in order to achieve normal nerve physiology. Therefore, Cupping therapy could be a safe and effective treatment for the patients with various health conditions.

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