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What is the Stretch Therapy (Dynamic Tuina) and how it works?

Stretch Therapy (Dynamic Tuina) is a complementary system of table-based assisted pain-free stretching which focuses on the muscles and connective tissue that surround and encompass the joints. 


Clients are gently eased into specific stretches to help facilitate deep relaxation and movements into the joints and body. 


Dynamic Tuina helps alleviate tight, tense areas by activating affected merdians within the body. Stretches are often combined with acupressure and cupping to further assist with the movement of stagnate Qi and Blood.

At the initial appointment, your therapist will do a full body assessment and personalized plan, followed by your one on one treatment.


Benefits of Stretch Therapy (Dynamic Tuina)


This is an excellent treatment choice for those wanting to improve flexibility and mobility, recover from training, and prevent injury.

Insurance Coverage

Dynamic Tuina is covered by an acupuncture benefit performed by a registered Acupuncturist.

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