A Case of Coughing (Hu Xi-Shu (胡希恕) Case)

Huang, Female, 38 years old Initial diagnosis was on Feb 12, 1966: Patient presented with a cough combined with expectoration of white phlegm, itchy throat, chest fullness, a dry throat with no desire for fluids and bilateral rib side distension. She has already taken several packages of herbal formulas to no avail. Her tongue coating was thick and slimy, and her pulse slippery-thin. This pattern belongs to phlegm-rheum harassing the upper (burner), and impaired depurative downbearing of the lungs. This was treated by warm transformation and downbearing counterflow with a modified version of Ban Xia Hou Po Tang. Ban Xia 4 qian Hou Po 3 qian Fu Ling 4 qian Su Zi 3 qian Ju Pi 5 qian Xing

Duodenal Ulcer (Hu Xi-Shu (胡希恕) Case)

Mr. Wang, male, 46 years old Initial diagnosis on November 30, 1965: For over 10 years the patient has suffered with epigastric pain which has recently been getting worse. Treatment at a local Chinese-Western integrative clinic was unsuccessful. Chinese medicinals were used to warm the centre, rectify the Qi, quicken the blood and dispel stasis. Western medications were ineffective as well and surgery was recommended. Since the patient feared surgery, he came to the capital (BeiJing) for treatment. Current symptoms: stabbing epigastric pain most notable when hungry, heat effusion in the back, late afternoon heat in the palms of the hands, occasional worry, palpitations, dizziness, cool b

Chronic Neck Pain (39 year old, Female)

Clinical Manifestations: She had suffered with chronic neck pain for many years but gradually became worse about half year ago. The pain radiated to the right forearm accompanied tingling of the fingers. Diagnosed with moderate disc hernia of C5~C6 vertebrae, she took various therapies, such as anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone shots, physical therapy, and massage therapy, all without much results. Acupuncture Treatment For acupuncture, with a sitting posture, the above needling method was employed on the local reflex zones, of which Quyuan (SI13), Jianzhongshu (SI15), Jianwaishu (SI14), Fuyin (EX73), Fengchi (GB20), and Tianzhu (BL10) were selected. Other reflex points in the right u

Cervical Pain (53 year old, Female)

Clinical Manifestations: She had suffered with cervical pain that radiated down the right scapula, forearm, and wrist for a year. Diagnosed with cervical spondylosis, she often took anti-inflammatory medications with only temporary relief. Acupuncture Treatment Examinations found tender spots at Dazhui (GV14), Shenzhu (GV12), the right Jianzhongshu (SI15), Jianwaishu (SI14), Jianjing (GB21), Quyuan (SI13) and Waiguan (TE5). For acupuncture, these tender spots were stimulated twice weekly with the patient in a sitting posture. Needles were retained for 30 min after the generation of needling sensations while infrared radiation was applied to the suprascapular and cervical regions. Treatment R

Chronic Shoulder Pain (48 year old, Female)

Clinical Manifestations: She had suffered from pain in left shoulder for three years. Although the degree of pain was not severe, she had obvious limited mobility in her shoulder that affected her sleep, exercises, and other daily activities. She was unable to touch the ear or shoulder scapula on the right side. Diagnosed with subacromial bursitis or rotator cuff tendonitis, she took anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy, without much success. Acupuncture Treatment In three months, the patient had 22 sessions of acupuncture. At the beginning, three needles were used on reflex points detected in the deltoid muscle, which were Binao (LI14), Quchi (LI11), and Waiguan (TE5). Needl

Sciatic Pain (43 years old, Female)

Clinical Manifestations: Onset: 3 months ago patient fell down on the ground and the pain started from her lower back first VAS: 4~8 Location: Lleft side gluteus area, lateral side of the thigh and calf Quality: a sharp, shooting, or electric shock-like pain Aggravating Factors: Activities, standing and sitting long hours cAlleviating Factors: Stretching and massaging TCM Pattern Differentiation Qi and Blood Stagnation on the GB meridian (TrPs on the Piriformis, gluteus minimus and medius m.) Treatment Method 1st visit: Ling Gu & Ba Bai with movement – gives instant pain relief at least 50% + electro-acupuncture on GB29 & 30 with ashi-points (trigger points) 2nd visit: electro-acupuncture o

Waking up with severe anxiety (32 years old, Female)

Clinical Manifestations: Pulse: deep, thready, weak and slightly wiry History: Patient came to Canada when she was 15 years old by herself as an international student. Since then, she had mild depression and anxiety due to stress. After 2years later she had to move to new school and due to all new environment, her symptoms got worse that she had to take anti-depressant for two weeks. Her emotion fluctuates up and down since then however, recently, she is keep waking up with severe anxiety in the morning around 5AM. Heat and Cold: She is aversion to cold Sweat: night sweat Thirst: she feels slightly thirsty with some dry mouth and bitter taste in the mouth in the morning. Appetite & Digestion

Neurodermatitis (42 years old, Female)

Clinical Manifestations: The Patient has experienced itchiness on the nape of the neck for six months. The itching, which was severe at night, had gradually spread to the bilateral antecubital and popliteal fossa and leg. The skin had become rough and thickened. Accompanying symptoms and sighs included irritability and irascibility, restless sleep, a bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, and menstrual irregularities. Examination revealed thickened, scaly, dark red, hyper-pigmented plaques on the nape of the neck, the antecubital and popliteal fossaw and the extensor aspect of the leg with obvious ridges and without clear margins. Rubbing and scratch marks were evident. The tongue body was r

Acute Eczema (30 years old, Male)

Clinical Manifestations: Two weeks previously, red papules has appeared on the patient’s abdomen. The lesions were itchy, especially at night. Scratching led to spreading of the lesions and exudation of yellow fluid. In some areas of the skin, the papules became confluent, forming large patches, with the lesions gradually extending to the lower back and trunk. Accompanying symptoms and signs included dry stools, yellow urine and dry mouth with no desired for drinks. Examination revealed small red papules distributed over pale red erythematous patches on the chest and back. Clusters of 1~2 mm papules were found on the lower abdomen and lower back interspersed with small vesicles. The tops o

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