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Neck and Shoulder Massage


What is Bodyworker?

A bodyworker is a massage therapy student who is in the process of completing their schooling to become a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) but hasn't yet taken their licensing exam. These students receive comprehensive training in massage therapy schools and programs. They gain the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver safe and effective massage therapy treatments. This training typically encompasses areas such as anatomy, physiology, and a range of massage techniques. Additionally, they often undergo supervised practical experience working with clients in a clinical setting. This well-rounded education equips them to offer both relaxing massage sessions and address specific conditions you may have.

When should I consider seeing a bodyworker for a massage?

This option can be particularly advantageous for individuals who lack insurance coverage, have exhausted their annual massage benefits, or wish to conserve their remaining balance. Bodyworkers specialize in relaxation massages, making them an excellent choice if you're experiencing stress or tensionHowever, please note that this service is not billable through extended health insurance.

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