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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Eastern Medicine (TEM), a system of ancient medical practice including traditional Chinese medicine, Kampo, traditional Korean medicine, and Ayurveda, is widely used in Asian countries. It is gaining increasing popularity in western countries. TEM classic herbal formula, one of the important therapeutic modalities of TEM, has both unique theories and rich experience in the past thousands of years and is still being widely applied in the modern clinic. It is defined as a formula that has been recorded in ancient classic medical books with fixed herbal drug composition, definite curative effects, and fewer adverse reactions for certain diseases.


From the past to the present, TEM classic herbal formula has made countless contributions to the well-being and public illness (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc..). It has provided new strategies for the treatment of many complexes, refractory illnesses. Currently, more and more pieces of evidence showing the efficacy from the clinic provide us further understanding of the biological functions and potential mechanisms of TEM formula, including Maxingshigan-Yinqiaosan for H1N1 influenza virus, Gegen qinlian decoction for type 2 diabetes mellitus, Liujunzi decoction for chronic dyspepsia, and Hemp Seed pill for functional constipation. On the other hand, integrative medicine, which combined traditional medicine with conventional western medicine treatment, is not only an innovative medical model in clinical practice but also the bridge for traditional medicine toward the medical sciences.


Previous studies have also identified that TEM classic herbal formula as adjunctive therapy could exhibit a synergetic effect with each other. Additionally, due to the limitations of the “more investments, fewer drugs” challenge in drug discovery and development, scientists have turned their attention to natural herbal medicines. It is a current trend that TEM classic herbal formula has provided new promising drugs and candidates recently.

In our clinic, we use concentrated herbal powders. They are based on a series of strict GMP (good drug manufaturing practice) standards and retain the advantages of traditional herbal formulas while they take effect quickly. Concentrated herbal powders are much easier to take and carry around.


We can also provide different forms of herbal medicine upon your request.

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