Initial Consultation & Evaluation (Acupuncture & TCM)

Consultation only: $60 (30 min)

Consultation with Treatment: $30 (+cost of the treatment)

Every new patient must have Initial Consultation before the treatment.


Additional $30 for each 15min may apply.


Initial: $120 (up to 1 hour)

Follow up: $90 

Treatment Options:
Traditional Acupuncture


Myofascial Trigger Point Acupuncture


Facial Rejuvenation

Initial: $160

Follow up: $130

Traditional Herbal Medicine

1 day: $12 +gst

1 week: $80 +gst

2 weeks: $130 +gst

3 weeks: $180 +gst

We offer concentrated extract

granules form of the medicine.
*New fees will affect from March 1st 2021

Cupping & Tui Na

Initial: $120

Follow up: $90

Electro-Magnetic Stimulation

1 unit/15 min: $30 

It must be combined with other treatment

Kinesiology & Active Rehab

(TELEHEALTH or In-person)

Initial: $110

Follow up: $80


Acupuncture & TCM

Initial: $100

Follow up 30min: $60


Acupuncture: 12 free Treatments

Kinesiology: 12 free Treatments

You are eligible for 12 pre-authorized treatments for motor vehicle accident (MVA) injury within 12 weeks of the date of the accident. 


Combo #1

Electro-Acupuncture (EA) 


Cupping & Tui Na 

Hot Stone Massage

Initial Fee: $30

Combo Deal : $130

- Benefit -

Work-related stress

and muscle tension.


Combo #2



Electro Magnetic Stimulation (EMS) for 2unit 

Initial Fee: $30

Combo Deal : $130

- Benefit -

Acute muscle pain due to injury

or chronic pain with neurological symptoms such as numbness, tingling and cold sensation.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, a 24-hour notice is required. Missed or cancelled

appointments with less than 24 hours notice will incur a fee of 100% of the charge for the scheduled appointment.


The treatment time is an average range only and is certain to vary from any situation.

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