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The new fees will take effect on April 1st, 2023.

Initial Consultation & Evaluation (Acupuncture & TCM)

Consultation only: $60 (30 min)

Consultation with Treatment: Included in initial treatment fee ($30)

Every new patient must have Initial Consultation before the treatment.


Additional $30 for each 15min may apply.


Initial: $130 (up to 1 hour)

Follow up: $100 

Treatment Options:
Traditional Acupuncture


Myofascial Trigger Point Acupuncture


Facial Rejuvenation

Initial: $170

Follow up: $140

Acupotomy Therapy

Initial: $150 

Follow up: $120

Acupotomy is a therapeutic technique that combines acupuncture and scalpel procedures to treat musculoskeletal disorders. 

This treatment must be consult by our practitioner to determine if it is appropriate for you.

Cupping & Tui Na

Initial: $130

Follow up: $100

Stretch Therapy
(Dynamic Tuina)

Initial 60 min: $130

30 min: $100

60 min: $130

Traditional Herbal Medicine

1 day: $15 +gst

1 week: $90 +gst

2 weeks: $150 +gst

3 weeks: $210 +gst

We offer concentrated extract

granules form of the medicine

Private Kinesiology

(Active Rehab)

Initial: $90+gst

Follow up: $90+gst

Many of the Extended Health Plans include Kinesiologist services on their coverage.

Check your extended health plan to see if you can submit a claim for reimbursement.

Registered Massage Therapy


Initial 60 min: $140+gst

30 min: $85+gst

45 min: $120+gst

60 min: $140+gst

RMT Prenatal Massage

Initial Prenatal Massage (60min): $145+gst
Prenatal Massage (60min): $145+gst

Prenatal Massage (45min): $125+gst

Prenatal Massage (30min): $95+gst

Covered by most extended health cover plans

RMT Buccal Facial Massage

Initial Buccal Facial Massage (45min): $150+gst

Follow up Buccal Facial Massage (45min): $150+gst

Covered by most extended health cover plans



1 Hour Bodyworker Massage: $75+gst

45 Minute Bodyworker Massage: $55+gst

please note that this service is not billable through extended health insurance.

Orthopedic Acupuncture

& Sport Massage

Orthopedic Acupuncture


Sport Massage

Initial: $180

Follow up: $150

- Benefit -

Anyone with musculoskeletal conditions or injuries, whether they are caused by sports, work, or everyday activities

Comprehensive Acupuncture

Acupuncture or Electro-Acu (EA)


Cupping & Tui Na 

Initial: $180

Follow up: $150

- Benefit -

Work-related stress and muscle tension.

Advanced Acupuncture

Customized Treatment

Initial: $210

Follow up: $180


Advanced acupuncture is a progressive field that expands on the traditional principles of acupuncture to offer innovative techniques and approaches that deliver more effective and comprehensive treatments for a wide range of conditions.

Our practitioner may utilize various modalities, such as Acupotomy, Electroacupuncture, Myofascial Trigger Point Acupuncture, and Radial shockwave therapy, to augment the effects of acupuncture and provide enhanced treatment.


Acupuncture & TCM
Initial: $120 

Follow up: $90

ICBC Follow up


Acupuncture: 12 free Treatments

Kinesiology: 12 free Treatments

RMT: 12 free Treatments

You are eligible for 12 pre-authorized treatments for motor vehicle accident (MVA) injury within 12 weeks of the date of the accident. 

Radial Shockwave Therapy

Initial: $100 

Follow up: $70

This treatment must be consult by our practitioner to determine if it is appropriate for you.


Initial New Patient Assessment
60min $210

Subsequent Visit

45min $165

30min $110

IV Therapy

Initial Naturopath IV Therapy

60min $200

IV Therapy Subsequent Visit

45min $150

Nutrient Injections

Subsequent Visit
10min $70 

MSK & Neural Injections

Subsequent Visit
30min $180

Every new patient must have Initial Assessment with our Naturopath Doctor before the Subsequent Visit.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, a 24-hour notice is required. Missed or cancelled

appointments with less than 24 hours notice will incur a fee of 100% of the charge for the scheduled appointment.


The treatment time is an average range only and is certain to vary from any situation.

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