Initial Consultation & Evaluation (Acupuncture & TCM)

Consultation only: $60 (30 min)

Consultation with Treatment: $30 (+cost of the treatment)

Every new patient must have Initial Consultation before the treatment.


Additional $30 for each 15min may apply.


Initial: $120 (up to 1 hour)

Follow up: $90 

Treatment Options:
Traditional Acupuncture


Myofascial Trigger Point Acupuncture


NETTP Injection 12cc: $90

(Add $15 for each 4cc)


MTrP Injection: $120-$150


Regenerative Acu-Injection 

Prolotherapy: $100-$300
(prices are varied depends on the treatment area)

Ozone Injection: $30/10cc
(must be combined with other prolotherapy injection)

Wellness Injection

VitB12 Injection:

$30/shot (10,000 µg)

5 package deal: $140

10 package deal: $270


Facial Rejuvenation

Initial: $160

Follow up: $130

5 package deal: $600

10 package deal: $1100

package deal use: we require once a week treatment for the best result.

Traditional Herbal Medicine

1 week: $70 +gst

2 weeks: $110 +gst

3 weeks: $150 +gst

We offer concentrated extract

granules form of the medicine.

Cupping & Tui Na

Initial: $120

Follow up: $90

Electro-Magnetic Stimulation

1 unit/15 min: $30 

It must be combined with other treatment

Kinesiology & Active Rehab

(TELEHEALTH or In-person)

Initial: $110

Follow up: $80


Acupuncture & TCM

Initial: $100

Follow up 30min: $60


Acupuncture: 12 free Treatments

Kinesiology: 12 free Treatments

You are eligible for 12 pre-authorized treatments for motor vehicle accident (MVA) injury within 12 weeks of the date of the accident. 


Combo #1

Electro-Acupuncture (EA) 


Cupping & Tui Na 

Hot Stone Massage

Combo Deal : $130

10 Package Deal: $1,100

- Benefit -

Work-related stress

and muscle tension.

This treatment is perfect for the patient who has a high-stress level and muscle tensions in the neck, shoulder and back due to heavy usage of computer and repetitive movement. Combination of EA and cupping therapy can maximize the local area blood circulation and eliminate toxic build-up, which is the source of chronic inflammation and stiffness.

Combo #2

Traditional Acupuncture &

Electro-Ear-Acupuncture (EEA)


Traditional Eastern Herbal Medicine (1WK) 

Combo Deal : $130

10 Package Deal: $1,100

- Benefit -

Prolonged stress causing

autonomic dysfunction.

This treatment is for the patient with chronic stress affecting the autonomic nervous system. The symptoms that may indicate the presence of an autonomic nerve disorder include anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, fainting, severe palpitation, hypertension, sweating abnormality, bloating, diarrhea, sexual dysfunction, tremor and more. We utilize both acupuncture and herbal medicine for maximum recovery. 

Combo #3



Electro Magnetic Stimulation (EMS) for 1unit (15MIN)

Combo Deal : $100

- Benefit -

Acute muscle pain due to injury

or chronic pain with neurological symptoms such as numbness, tingling and cold sensation.

Acute spasmodic or pathological conditions in the muscle tissues such as myofascial trigger points (MTrP) can disturb the normal flow of nerve fibres and blood supply, and this may create a vicious pain cycle. Acu-injection therapy can release the nerve entrapment from the tensed muscle and EMS machine can regenerate and upregulate nervous for the full pain-relieving effect. 

Our customized treatment combinations are only available after the initial treatment.  We require upfront payment with expiry duration of 1 year. 

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