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I called in very last minute, and the doctor was kind enough to stay almost an hour past closing out of empathy for the back pain I was experiencing. I was processed immediately, evaluated, and appropriately treated. She's very receptive and listens to you, she genuinely seems to care about helping others. The muscles in my back locked up on me due to multiple trigger points, and I felt nothing but pain-relief when I left. Highly recommend.


Arjun Sahjpaul


*Results may vary from person to person


Dr Yoon is very professional and he did a detailed consultation with me each time I went for his services.

When I had an urgent issue with my back or neck, he helped me quickly and properly. His treatment worked great for my condition. I was able to to move easily and had much less pain right after the treatment and was even much better next day.

I would highly recommend Dr. Yoon.


Matthew Reimer


*Results may vary from person to person


I was shockingly diagnosed with "ramsay hunt syndrome", a shingle outbreak near my left ear causing paralysis of my left facial nerve. I am in mid 30's and i was very concerned about leaving a permanent damage on my face. I consulted Dr. Yoon on the 4th day since i started taking antivirals and steroids prescribed by my family doctor. He was very knowledgeable about the symptoms and treatments. Most importantly, he explained what exactly would happen as a progress so i could prepare myself and ready to accept when my facial paralysis was gettkng worse over the 10th day of this outbreak. He explained his treatment plan and it was the most logical to me. At the same time, I also consulted two physiotherapists regarding treatment, one with IMS cert and the other one who specializes in facial paralysis as well as two other acupunturists to get third and forth opinion. I was desperate to find the most effective trearment in timely manner so i won't have side effect or any permanent damage. Dr. Yoon's acupunture with electrical stimulation showed the most improvement as i could see the result the next day. I sticked with Dr. Yoon's treatment only and my face started moving again slowly after the 4th treatment. I reached the full recovery in almost 6 weeks which was a lot earlier than what the neurologist told me, 3 to 6months. what else can i say. Thank you and i would definetely recommend him to my family and friends. 


Ellie An


*Results may vary from person to person


I met Dr. Yoon right after auto accident around Nov. 2018.
Dr. Yoon manner is very professional and reassuring. He is very confident in his knowledge and practice. He is never rushed and takes time to think about his patient during the session. His skills are very obvious as the treatment was successful for me and I have relief from my symptoms. I have already recommended him to family and friends. I know I feel better and fortunate to have found Dr.Yoon.
Thank so much.


Hyunseok Kim


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Miracle happens here!!
If you have sore back or muscle pain I recommend you visit Yoon Clinic


— Jay. C


*Results may vary from person to person


I went to acupuncturist, physiotherapist and massage theraphy to help me with the intense pain I am having. I am just good for a day but the next day the pain is always there. I saw on Facebook their advertisement, told myself I am going to try them. Call them and book for an appointment. I am happy that I made the right decision. The intense pain I am having is lesser now. Soon I will totally be healed. Dr. Yook hit the right nerve 99%. She is very knowledgeable in her craft. Also nice and very accomodating. I, thank you . God bless !


— Aying Sabater


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I really appreciate all the treatments you gave me for my eczema, Dr. Sung Soo Yoon. You changed my life!


— Marin K


*Results may vary from person to person


After tried everything, chiro, physio, RMT... Finally I found the one can make me move better. Mr Yoon is friendly. He listen the patient very well. And treatment was effective than any other treatment.


— Amy Uh

*Results may vary from person to person


I had severe stress symptoms due to work. My neck & shoulders were in pain. Plus I was having constant migraine. I had to take Tylenol!! 

My 1st appointment with Dr. Yoon. He did acupuncture on my neck & shoulders. The pain went away almost immediately! 

After that he worked on other issues such as my constant need to use the bathroom & my body always extremely cold. Now both symptoms are gradually going away!!! It has only been 4 visits. Which is amazing!!

I highly recommend Dr. Yoon. FYI: I rarely rate someone but he is just amazing. You will see once you meet him :)


— Cindy D

*Results may vary from person to person


Highly experienced and meticulous. His acupuncture treatment is certainly effective because he knows very well about how muscle and ligament work together and how to treat them.

여러 한의원을 다녀봤지만 여기 원장님 침 잘 놓으십니다.


— Henry Choi

*Results may vary from person to person

I've been seeing Dr. Yoon for various reasons after a medical condition and he has been absolutely a god sent! The things he's helped me with, i never thought would get better... but he showed me hope.
I highly recommend to everyone!
Thank you so much Dr.Yoon!!!


— Asiya Hussain

*Results may vary from person to person


I have been in immense pain for the past three months due to lower back pain. I've been to physiotherapy, but although the stretches helped me, I knew that it wasn't going to help me feeling back to 100%.
I went to Dr. Yoon with 8/10 pain (10 being most painful), and after the first treatment, I noticed a drastic change with my back. The second day, I was able to go back to my usual routine. After the second treatment, I can say I was in pain level 4.
Today, I can proudly say that I am down to zero pain and I cannot thank Dr. Yoon enough!
Thank you again Dr. Yoon!


— Pauline Chan

*Results may vary from person to person


"I have been seeing Dr. Yoon for two years now and he is one of the best acupuncturist out there. I went in with allergy issues and an overactive immune system due to stress. He was able to help alleviate my symptoms and work on calming my flight or fight response. He not only treats and tries to heal me on the spot but he does a thorough exam of my health, diet, and lifestyle in order to find the underlying issue/root cause of my body's imbalance. He gives great advice for outside the treatment room i.e. diet change, lifestyle change, etc. He cares about his patients and ensures we have long term care with him. I can't say enough great things about him as an amazing practitioner as we are lacking a lot of them here in the Lower Mainland. Keep up the great work Dr. Yoon! :) "


— Susie To


*Results may vary from person to person


"On Wednesday evening, I've played basketball and injured my back. On Thursday morning I couldn't reach my shoes. Pain was disastrous. I went to regular doctor and she gave me pain killers, which made me dizzy as well, and pain was still there. Than I went to YOON CLINIC trying to find the way to get rid of that pain. And after just one treatment, I was able to go back to work on Friday. Really amazing and unbelievable."


— Sasha Vucicevic


*Results may vary from person to person


"The best acupuncturist ever!!! Great results after facial and back treatments. Also I had my knee sprained, after snowboarding, Dr. Yoon fixed it at once. He cures everything! :)"


— Nellie Red 

*Results may vary from person to person


Struggling with some injuries for almost year until I've found YOON CLINIC.
At first couple times I came, it was just unbelievable ! I couldn't comprehend that pain is gone just like that and that I can exercise and do my stuff again. 
That was an awesome surprise :)
Highly recommended place!!!


— Sasha Wolf

*Results may vary from person to person


"He bring my life back…"


— Carolina Fernado


*Results may vary from person to person


"저의 갈비뼈~와전히멀쩡! 덕분에~ 감솨감솨!!
(My ribs healed up just fine! Thank you for your help!!)
this is the best place ever!"

— U-jin Kim

*Results may vary from person to person

"This is THE place to go!"

— Andrew Teunissen

*Results may vary from person to person

"I went to Yoon Clinic in Burnaby for cuppin massage and acupuncture for my shoulder and neck pain. The service was incredibly professional, and the pain I was experiencing decreased noticeably after the 2 first sessions. The doctor also shared Chinese medicine theories that I can apply to live a healthier life style. I highly recommend people who are experiencing discomfort/pain due to sitting at a desk all day to give acupuncture a try."


— Amy B

*Results may vary from person to person


The best sports injury clinic!
I had shoulder injuries couple month ago by playing badminton so I decided to visit the Yoon Clinic which was very close from my house (right in front of the Metrotown). After the consultation with doctor, He gives acupuncture treatment and point injection therapy. It definitely helps to heal faster and relieve from the pain. thanks to Sung Yoon for giving me the good treatments :)

—  Bio Yoon

*Results may vary from person to person

"I had an accident and suffered a severe lumbar disc injury a couple of years ago. I was taken to hospital but all they did was prescribe painkillers, saying I’d be fine in a couple of weeks. It only got worse day by day and I could barely walk five meters. That was when one of my friends introduced me to Dr. Yoon. He did everything he could to ease my pain and within a few sessions I could start to see some results. He is very professional and completely reliable, and most importantly, he really listens to you. His holistic approach to my body, rather than focusing on my injury alone, not only helped ease my pain but improve my overall health over time. I didn’t know much about oriental medicine before (I was even a bit skeptical) but now I can say from my own experience that it really works. I would highly recommend him to anyone."


— Yoshiko N

Lower Back Pain (Herniated Disk)

*Results may vary from person to person


"Myself & My family are visiting and get treatment for several years, and always amazed with personal care, knowledge, great treatment.."


—  Steve Pak

*Results may vary from person to person

"I’m a 56 years old women. I been trying so hard to lose weight for past couple years. I tried eat little and exercise hard, which was quicker way to lose weight but it made me really tired and I couldn’t continue for more than 30 days. After I stop exercise and eat normal, I ended up gain more weight. So I took some of those diet pills from the Pharmacy but It got me a serious side effect – hard time sleep at night / depressed a lot. When I met Dr Yoon at Yoon Clinic. He recommended to take herbal medicine. The expected result was not only losing weight but better skin by detoxifying your body and better mood. (As it is 100% herbal ingredient, there is no side effect.) He even recommended not to exercise too hard while taking this medicine which was perfect for me. so I decided to take this herbal medicine, prescribed by Dr yoon. I been taken this medicine for about a week and I feel a lot lighter already. It controls my appetite. I feel more energetic, makes me want to go out – walking on the park and do something outside. I’m so happy that the result is great so far. I strongly recommended herbal medicine for the healthy diet."


—  Dammy Y

*Results may vary from person to person

"The best in town."

— Ryan K

*Results may vary from person to person

"I started to have my migraines after few business trips. At first I started to take muscle relax medication and massive pain killers, which knocked me out for days and only last for about a week. I decided to start acupuncture treatment as friend’s recommendation. I have had amazing experience with Sung Yoon. He has provided kindly service in professional manner, and he has proven himself very knowledgeable. Thank you Sung for saving me from all the pains."


— Kierstin Kim

Migraine & shoulder pain

*Results may vary from person to person

"I had a car accident 8 months ago. I suffered soft tissue injuries to neck, shoulders, back, and the pain radiating down to my legs. I was in so much pain until I met Dr.Yoon. He used all kinds of medical treatments-acupunture, cupping, massage, herbal medicine to help me recover from the injuries. He is reliable professional who puts his heart and soul into caring for his patients. Dr.Yoon’s ability and knowledge is truly amazing. I would recommend him without any hesitation. If you are in pain, go see Dr.Yoon NOW!"


— Jenny Choi

*Results may vary from person to person

"When I first came to the YOON CLINIC (previously called by Golden Mountain Clinic), I was at my wits’ end. I had just come through a very dangerous parasite infection in Mexico, and was still suffering from its repercussions. I had many symptoms, the worst being high blood pressure and constant dehydration. Previous to the infection, I had never had high blood pressure before in my life. In fact, my blood pressure was always remarkably low, probably a result of being in decent physical condition (I was an avid tennis player). So when a recommended medical doctor here in Vancouver told me I would be on high blood pressure medication for the rest of my life (!), I knew there had to be a better solution.

I am also a breast cancer survivor – 10 years now – and have had my share of experience with the medical community. I was ready for something else? something more holistic and, hopefully, a person who would actually listen to what I had to say. After all, it is MY body, not the doctor’s, and I feel we always have a choice as to whether we want to heal or remain as we are. To me, healing is not just about the body. In fact, the body is only a reflection of what is going on inside our minds, hearts, and spirits. So when I met Sung (Doctor Yoon at the Golden Mountain Clinic) and he expressed the same philosophy, I knew I had met the right healer.

I believed there was something putting pressure on my heart and inhibiting its ability to regulate itself, but no doctor would agree with me until I met Sung Yoon. He said I had a blockage, and showed me where it was, just under my heart. Rachel, the other TCM doctor at the clinic, also confirmed this, so I began doing as he instructed (my homework), switching to an anti-inflammatory diet and using heat and massage to clear the blockage. I also gradually began increasing my exercise and made meditation part of my daily schedule.

Within six weeks of going just once a week to the clinic, my blood pressure came down into the normal range for the first time in six months, and my dehydration has completely disappeared. Other symptoms I had been suffering from, such as feeling cold, poor complexion, and sore stomach/intestines have also greatly improved. Currently, I have cut back my blood pressure medication to ¼ of what I used to take before coming to the clinic. In a few more weeks, I will be finished with it altogether (oh happy day!).

Thank you, Sung and Rachel, for being such wonderful people as well as doctors. And thanks too, for keeping your prices so reasonable, so that people like me can afford to come regularly to your clinic without financial strain.
You are both truly dedicated healers, and I am just so happy and grateful to have found you."


— Darlene Schmidt

food writer for the New York Times (

*Results may vary from person to person



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