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Cervical Pain (53 year old, Female)

Clinical Manifestations:

She had suffered with cervical pain that radiated down the right scapula, forearm, and wrist for a year. Diagnosed with cervical spondylosis, she often took anti-inflammatory medications with only temporary relief.

Acupuncture Treatment

Examinations found tender spots at Dazhui (GV14), Shenzhu (GV12), the right Jianzhongshu (SI15), Jianwaishu (SI14), Jianjing (GB21), Quyuan (SI13) and Waiguan (TE5). For acupuncture, these tender spots were stimulated twice weekly with the patient in a sitting posture. Needles were retained for 30 min after the generation of needling sensations while infrared radiation was applied to the suprascapular and cervical regions.

Treatment Result

Since the initial session, much of her pain was relieved. By the ninth session, most pain of the arm and shoulder eased except slight soreness on the neck. Through 12 sessions of acupuncture, the entire cervical pain and soreness were alleviated completely.

*image used for illustrative purposes only.

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