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Waking up with severe anxiety (32 years old, Female)

Clinical Manifestations:

Pulse: deep, thready, weak and slightly wiry

History: Patient came to Canada when she was 15 years old by herself as an international student. Since then, she had mild depression and anxiety due to stress. After 2years later she had to move to new school and due to all new environment, her symptoms got worse that she had to take anti-depressant for two weeks. Her emotion fluctuates up and down since then however, recently, she is keep waking up with severe anxiety in the morning around 5AM.

Heat and Cold: She is aversion to cold

Sweat: night sweat

Thirst: she feels slightly thirsty with some dry mouth and bitter taste in the mouth in the morning.

Appetite & Digestion: doesn’t have a big issue but, sometimes when her digestion is not good, she feels epigastria area obstructed.

Bowel movement: 3 times a day, loose stool, gas retention occasionally.

Urination: Normal

Chest: When she is stressful, she gets palpitation and oppression in the chest.

Sleep: waking up several times a night, she dreams a lot, waking up with anxiety.

Menstruation: regular but when her period comes, she get slight chills, fever, body ache and headache.

General: She gets stiffness of the neck and upper shoulder often and when her body condition is not good, she gets dry mouth, lips and throat.

TCM Pattern Differentiation

Tai Yang & Shao Yang Combined pattern

TCM Herbal Prescription

Chai Hu, Huang Qin, Ban Xia, Ren Shen, Gui Zhi, Bai Shao, Sheng Jinag, Da Zao, Gan Cao

Concentrated Granules Formula 3g x 3 times/ day

Treatment Result

After 3days her waking up with anxiety disappeared and 1week later her appetite has been increased.

*image used for illustrative purposes only.

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