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Neurodermatitis (42 years old, Female)

Clinical Manifestations:

The Patient has experienced itchiness on the nape of the neck for six months. The itching, which was severe at night, had gradually spread to the bilateral antecubital and popliteal fossa and leg. The skin had become rough and thickened.

Accompanying symptoms and sighs included irritability and irascibility, restless sleep, a bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, and menstrual irregularities.

Examination revealed thickened, scaly, dark red, hyper-pigmented plaques on the nape of the neck, the antecubital and popliteal fossaw and the extensor aspect of the leg with obvious ridges and without clear margins. Rubbing and scratch marks were evident.

The tongue body was red at the margins and tip with slightly yellow coating; the pulse was wiry and slippery.

TCM Pattern Differentiation

Constrained Liver Qi combined with external contraction of pathogenic Wind leading to enduring Depression transforming into Fire

TCM Treatment Principles

Soothe the Liver and regulate Qi, clear Heat and dissipate Wind

TCM Herbal Prescription

Chai Hu, Zhi Ke, Long Dan Cao, Zhi Zi, Sheng Di Huang, Mu Dan Pi, Chi Saho, Bai Shao, Dang Gui, Ye Jiao Teng, Gou Teng, Fang Feng One bag a day was used to prepare a decoction, taken twice a day.

External treatments Xiong Huang Jie Du San Ding Ji was applied to the affected areas twice a day.

Second Visit

After seven days of taking the herbal decoction, itching was reduced and the patient was less irritable.

TCM Herbal Prescription

The prescription was modified by removing Long Dan Cao, Zhi Zi and Gou Teng and adding Quan Xie, Zao Jiao Ci, Xu Chang Qing and Bai Ji Li

Treatment Result

After 14 days of the modified decoction, itching had stopped and the lesion has resolved.

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