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About case report (The methodology of clinical approach)

A case report must be an "honest confession," and it is a "tentative conclusion" of inductive fact from one's clinical practice. Therefore, the attitude of presenting a case report should not be "declaring universal truth," but, it should be "persuading one of the ways."

The nature of the clinical practice may be irregular, indeterminate, and complex. Nevertheless, it is the theory to insight and reconfigures specific rules, certainties and simplicity among them.

All scientific theories "evolve" as they are selected, discarded, re-selected and discarded again through the process of winning and losing, according to the passage of time.

My theory of clinical practice is also a tentative conclusion, and I believe that it will evolve as it is selected and discarded by someone according to the passage of time.

Dr. Roh, Yi Jun (Ph.D., KMD) / translated by Dr. Sung Soo YooA (DAOM, TCMD, R.Ac)

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